Tutorial – How to Add Affiliate Links to Your WordPress Blog Post Part 2 (Image Link)

This is a continuation of the last post about adding a link because the person asking the question actually wanted to add the image link to the post. So… Yet another tutorial!

OK, so you are an affiliate for a company that you use their product or service. You want to post one or their banner ads in your blog post… but HOW?

Here are the steps I’ll illustrate:

  1. Click the “Text” tab
  2. Get the HTML code from your affiliate website
  3. Paste the code into the text editor in WordPress
  4. Preview your post to check the image link
  5. Publish the post


Step One:
Click the “Text” Tab

2017-05-16 (136)

This is what the text editor looks like:

2017-05-16 (137)


Step Two:
Get the HTML Code from Your Affiliate Website

Copy the code so that you can paste it into the text editor on your blog.

2017-05-16 (138)

2017-05-16 (140)


Step Three:
Paste the Code into the Text Editor in WordPress

2017-05-16 (141)

If you go back into the visual editor, this is what it looks like:

2017-05-16 (142).png


Step Four:
Preview Your post to Check the Image Link

It’s always a good idea, in general, to preview your posts before you publish them. This way you can be sure things look the way you want.

2017-05-16 (143)

Step Five:
Publish the Post

I didn’t actually publish the post above since it’s just for example, but you get the idea. ^_^


Voila!  You have successfully added an image link to your blog copy!

If this tutorial was helpful or if you know someone it might help, feel free to share it.

Thanks for reading,

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